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Dr. Irene Grafman

“The lecturers were amazing, the facilities were beautiful, well stocked, everything was available to us. It was just a really great experience all around.”

Dr. Mariana Sapir

“The way they present the lecture, they make you feel very comfortable, and the most important thing is that support that I was looking for.”

Dr. Jeffrey Zaffos

“I was really impressed with how organized they were, the content, the didactic information that they provide and the technical skills that they show in their course.”

Dr. Frank Ianno

                         "As a general dentist for 34 years, I have performed many aspects of dentistry.  I wanted to offer my                                 patients to have implant placement in my office.  The NYIADS course gave me the confidence to begin                              placing implant fixtures.  I cannot thank you enough for your willingness to share your expertise with                            general dentists.  The most valuable aspect of your course is that you have our backs, and you are one of                        us Long Islanders.  Your humility and unselfishness has been extremely helpful to me beyond the course.